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No two customs brokers are alike. If you’re evaluating brokerage services for the first time or exploring a change in provider, here are some factors you should consider, beyond broker fees.

As you know, customs brokers play a central role collecting duties on behalf of importers, ensuring companies comply with complex government legislation, and pulling together key documentation to get goods cleared. A good customs broker is vital to the well-being of any company moving goods across the border, but our role doesn’t necessarily stop there.

The right broker can provide you with a competitive edge by delivering business intelligence and services that help you assess the impact of regulatory changes and capitalize on trends and emerging markets.

If you are planning on choosing or switching customs brokers, you should know what you can reasonably expect your new broker to do for you during this process and what the broker will ask of you. Key issues in the discussion with any customs broker include:

-Size of your company, volume and the type of goods you ship

-Provider’s experience and references for clients in your industry

-Alignment of the service provider with your company’s strategic direction

-Location and responsiveness of the brokers’ service personnel

-International affiliations for customs brokerage and freight forwarding

-Timeliness and sophistication of reporting

-Location of offices at key border crossings



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